Wall Impact of Single Droplets under Conditions of DISI-Engines

  • Tagung:9th International Conference on Liquid
    Atomization and Spray Systems
  • Tagungsort:Sorrento, Italy
  • Datum:13.07.-17.07.2003
  • Autoren:

    Richter, B.
    Dullenkopf, K.
    Wittig, S.


The processes during Droplet-Wall interaction are very important regarding the computational simulation of mixture formation in IC-engines. But especially for the conditions in DISI engines no reliable models are currently available. The main aim of the presented paper was to perform experiments under conditions as close as possible to real DISI conditions. A special test rig was designed to produce single droplets in the necessary velocity and diameter range and the impingement process was analyzed using a highspeed imaging system. The experiments were performed with varying primary droplet size, primary droplet velocity and surface temperature. Additionally two different liquids with properties close to real fuel were used. The impingement process was studied by means of a highspeed CCD-camera whereas the secondary droplet sizes and ve-locities were determined by image analysis technique.