Identification of Rotordynamic Forces from Brush Seals

  • Forschungsthema:Brush seal rubbing
  • Typ:theoretische / numerische Bachelor- / Masterarbeit
  • Betreuung:

    Dr. Jieun Song


A brush seal is one of the high-performance and promising sealing systems due to its superior sealing performance and its flexible structure, which minimizes mechanical damage from rotor-brush seal rubbing. ITS has experimentally investigated brush seal rubbing for a long time.

During rubbing between a rotor and a brush seal, the brush seal exerts external forces on the rotor, and these forces are called rotordynaic forces. The rotordynamic forces affect the vibration of the rotating system significantly. Thus, it is essential to consider such rotordynamic forces on a rotor during design stages for robust and stable turbomachinery.

This topic aims to identify rotordynamic forces from brush seals using experimental data from the ITS brush seal test rig. The main tasks are as follows: 

  1. Literature survey 
  2. Coding system identification program (Matlab or python)
  3. Experiments in the ITS brush seal test rig
  4. Analysis 

The detailed scope of the experiment will be determined after discussion. The thesis offers the opportunity to deal with experiment and theoretical approaches.