Film cooling test rig

Description & Special Features

The film cooling test rig at the Institute of Thermal Fluid Machinery enables the investigation of different and novel bore geometries and film cooling configurations as well as the quantification of the influence of surface roughness or accelerated hot gas flow(research focus on film cooling).

Figure 1: The film cooling test rig with a section of the schematically depicted measuring area consisting of hot gas channel, cooling air channel and blow-out module

Optical access points are provided both for thermal measurements using infrared thermography (IRT) and for aerodynamic measurements using stereoscopic particle image velocimetry (SPIV). This allows the aerothermal behavior of the flow to be extensively quantified.

Measurement technology & control

  • 3-component velocity vector fields (3C-2D stereoscopic particle image velocimetry)
  • Temperature fields (infrared thermography)
  • Temperatures (type K thermocouples)
  • Pressures (pressure transducers)
  • Mass flows (orifice plate/vane counter)
  • LabVIEW



Sources and relevant publications