Brush seal test rig


The test rig is used to investigate the contact and leakage behavior of brush seals under typical engine operating conditions. Thermocouples are embedded in the rotor structure to record the rotor temperatures during seal contact. The temperature data can be used to draw conclusions about the rotor heat input by means of downstream FE analyses.


  • Temperature measurement in the rotating system using a telemetry unit
  • Rotor diameter: 300mm
  • Max. Bearing preload of the bearing to be tested: up to 50kN
  • Pressure difference across the brush seal of up to 9 bar
  • Relative speed between rotor and brushes up to approx. 280m/s
  • Infinitely adjustable overlap (concentric and eccentric) between rotor and bristle pack up to approx. 0.5mm due to conical rotor contour
  • The test stand can complete fully automated test cycles to achieve a high degree of repeat accuracy.

Measurement technology & control

  • 28x type K thermocouples (rotating)
  • Type K thermocouples (static)
  • Pressure transducers (upstream and downstream and in the pressure relief chamber of the brush seal)
  • Mass flow rates (orifice plates DN32-DN100)
  • Torque and speed
  • Relative position of the housing to the rotor using capacitive distance sensors
  • Optical access by means of borescope
  • Data acquisition and test bench control using NI LabVIEW and Beckhoff PLC