• type: lecture
  • semester: WS 23/24
  • place:

    Geb. 10.91, Redtenbacher-Hörsaal

  • time:

    15:45 - 17:15, weekly

  • start: 27.10.2023
  • lecturer:

    Norbert Lewald
    Dr.-Ing. Jonas Schmid

  • sws: 2
  • ects: 4
  • lv-no.: 2157381
  • exam:

    Written exam after semester (nach §4(2), 1 SPO). Exam will be offered after winter semester, but can be repeated at each regular examination date.

  • information:

    On Fri. 11/24/2023 (15:45 - 17:15) the VL will take place in the Grashof lecture hall, Geb. 10.91.

Goals and content

Learning Objectives:

The objective is to teach elementary fundamentals of the use of wind power.

Focus of the lecture is general basics on the use of wind power for electricity generation supplemented by the historical development, general knowledge about wind as well as alternative, renewable energies.

Course Content:

The lecture is intended for students of all faculties and all semesters due to the broad basic knowledge.

Starting with an overview of alternative, renewable energy technologies as well as general energy data, the course will
The introduction to wind energy is made by an overview of the historical development of wind power.

Since wind is an indirect source of solar energy, the global and local wind systems, their measurement and energy content will be discussed.
as well as their measurement and energy content.

Based on this, the aerodynamic fundamentals and interrelationships of wind turbines and their profiles are explained.
profiles are explained. Another focus is on the electrical system of wind turbines. Starting with basic generator technology, the control and regulation of the energy output is explained.

After the focus on aerodynamics and the electrical system, the other components of wind power plants and their
and their special features are explained in context.

Finally, the current economic, ecological and legislative constraints for the operation of wind turbines are examined.
of wind turbines are examined.

In addition to wind turbines for electricity generation, the lecture also briefly discusses alternative uses such as pumping systems.

The course concludes with an overview of current developments such as supergrids and also future visions of wind energy use.


A script in need of revision can be downloaded from under "Studies and Teaching". Current book titles or websites will be announced in the lecture.