Experimental Investigation of Honeycomb Rubbing Process

  • chair:Labyrinth seal / rubbing
  • type:experimentelle Masterarbeit
  • tutor:

    Dr. Jieun Song


In the competition for higher efficiency of turbomachinery such as jet engines and power generation gas turbines, efficiently managing the secondary airflows (e.g., leakage air) becomes more and more important. A labyrinth seal is a typical and widely used sealing technology. Keeping the seal clearance tight is preferred to reduce leakage air, but it can lead to rubbing events and damage on the seal fins. Thus, abradable material or honeycomb structures are used for liner structures to minimize the damage and leakage air.

This topic aims to experimentally investigate the rubbing process between seal fins and honeycomb structures in the ITS rubbing test rig. The main tasks are as follows:

  1. Literature survey
  2. Experiments in the ITS rubbing test rig, including preparation and post-processing of test data
  3. Analysis

The detailed scope of the experiment will be determined after discussion.