Numerical investigation of the heat transfer as well as the flow field of a turbine cascade

  • chair:Heat transfer & cooling
  • type:external / numerical Master thesis
  • tutor:

    Marco Hahn, M.Sc.


One goal in the optimization of gas turbines and aircraft engines is the reduction of exhaust emissions, which is to be achieved, for example, through the introduction of new technologies in combustion control. However, these technologies lead to a significant increase in the thermal load on the turbine side walls. At the Institute of Thermal Turbomachinery, new cooling concepts for the turbine side wall are therefore to be investigated experimentally on a turbine cascade. The focus here is on the increased heat transfer and the conditional change in the flow field, which determines the resulting losses in the turbine.

The task of this work is to carry out numerical preliminary studies to support the test setup with regard to both aerodynamics and thermal loading of the turbine. For this purpose, the flow areas of the hot gas and the cooling air must first be meshed. This is followed by the simulation and evaluation as well as the assessment of the design. The work offers the opportunity to deal intensively with numerical flow simulation of turbomachinery as well as with aerodynamics, heat transfer and cooling in general.

Knowledge of fluid mechanics and heat transfer is essential. Previous knowledge of numerical flow simulation, ideally in Ansys CFX ®, is an advantage. The work will be supervised in cooperation with MTU Aero Engines. The work will be carried out at MTU Aero Engines in Munich.