Technische Akustik

More information


  1. Lecture notes (downloadable from the homepage of the institute).
  2. Heckl, M.; Müller, H. A.: Taschenbuch der Technischen Akustik, Springer-Verlag.
  3. Veit, Ivar: Technical Acoustics. Vogel-Verlag (Kamprath series), Würzburg.
  4. Henn, H. et al: Engineering acoustics. Vieweg-Verlag.

Teaching content

Fundamentals of acoustics
Perception and evaluation of sound (human hearing)
Representation of acoustic quantities, level notation
Sound propagation in different media
Sound measurement techniques, measurement components

Access requirements

Basic knowledge of mathematics and physics

Target group

The lecture is aimed at interested parties from the technical and natural sciences as well as from architecture.


The students acquire skills to name the basics of technical acoustics and to apply them to problems in different fields of engineering, especially mechanical engineering.
The students first learn the physical-mathematical basics of general acoustics and the hearing properties of humans. This is followed by the classification of sound and noise. Physical-empirical laws for the determination of sound and noise levels for a variety of sound emission and sound immission problems are developed or derived. Furthermore, the procedures for sound measurement of machines and devices are taught.
The students are able to understand noise mechanisms, to implement noise reduction measures and to measure noise.


Duration: 30 minutes