ITS at the Boysen Doktorandentage with the project Designing Gas-Liquid Contact Reactors for Efficient CO2 Capture

  • Date: June 2022

After two years of Corona lockdown period, “Doktorandentage” event has been reinitiated by the Boysen Foundation. We presented our recent findings from a joint project with ITCP of KIT “Designing Gas-Liquid Contact Reactors for Efficient CO2 Capture”.

Gas-liquid contactors (GLCs) are one of the core technologies utilized in the chemical industry, which play a critical role for reactant conditioning, chemical conversion and separation processes. Within the scope of this project, Karthik Muthukumar and Andrea Duell (ITCP) are developing a high-performance falling film reactors for CO2 capture via engineering the way CO2 in gas phase mixes with the liquid absorbent at the reactive gas-liquid interface (micro-mixing phenomena). The major impact of the study will be the performance increase at large scale, which would pave the way for the transition of CO2 capture technologies into practice.

The work is partially funded by the Boysen Foundation.