Characterization and testing of a miniature infrared camera


Infrared thermography (IRT) is an optical measurement method commonly used in research to record wall temperatures. Colloquially, the application is referred to as thermal imaging. The intensity of infrared radiation emitted by a body is recorded and assigned to a corresponding wall temperature. This non-intrusive, two-dimensional recording of the wall temperature makes IRT very attractive for determining heat transfer, which is why the Institute of Thermal Fluid Machinery (ITS) has been using this measurement method in research for some time and is constantly developing it further.

One current application is the investigation of heat transfer in the low-pressure turbine of a jet engine. In this work, a miniature infrared camera is to be characterized and tested for this purpose. The broad know-how of the ITS in the use of high-quality thermographic systems is to be used to enable new measuring arrangements by means of the miniature cameras.