Correlation analysis and tuning of surface tension parameters for accurate prediction of contact angle in SPH-based simulations


In the field of engineering and scientific research, understanding the behavior of fluids and their interactions with surfaces is of paramount importance. The contact angle at which a fluid interface meets a solid surface (See Figure) plays a critical role in various applications such as coating, wetting, fluid transport, and film flow. Accurate prediction and control of contact angles have significant implications for optimizing the performance and efficiency of systems involving fluid-solid interactions.

The objective of this bachelor thesis is to investigate the surface tension modeling of software PreonLab®. The main objective is to establish a correlation between important variables and the tuning parameter to enable the precise setting of the contact angle within the software. Required Skills:

  • Enthusiasm for fluid mechanics, numerical simulations and computational modeling.
  • Sense of responsibility and initiative
  • Prior knowledge of Python is an advantage