Further development of the evaluation routine of the experimental investigation by means of infrared thermography

  • chair:IRT & Measurement Technology
  • type:experimental / theoretical Bachelor / Master thesis
  • tutor:

    Marco Hahn, M. Sc.


Infrared thermography (IRT) is an optical measurement method commonly used in research to record wall temperatures. Colloquially, the application is referred to as thermal imaging. Here, the intensity of infrared radiation emitted by a body is recorded and assigned to a corresponding temperature. The calibration process involves a great deal of effort in order to be able to transfer the detector signal to the wall temperature as accurately as possible. This non-intrusive two-dimensional detection of the wall temperature makes IRT very attractive for the determination of heat transfers. Thus, it finds application in the field of experimental fluid mechanics, for example, in the research of thermal turbomachinery used in both aeronautics and power engineering.

In this work, the evaluation routine of the IRT will be further developed. This is done in the context of the recommissioning of a test rig for the investigation of cooling air cavities in turbine cascades. Here, new approaches are pursued, which include an extension of the optical accessibility as well as an optimization of the calibration and correction of the infrared images.