Can we make it rapid, affordable and safe? Develop a measurement technique for efficient CO2 capture in falling films

  • chair:Optical diagnostics / Image processing
  • type:experimentelle Bachelor- / Masterarbeit
  • tutor:

    Dr. Cihan Ates


One effective technology for capturing CO2 from process and combustion exhaust gases is reactive absorption in gas-liquid contactors. These include falling-film reactors, in which a thin film of the absorbent flows driven by gravity, while the gas phase passes in counter-current direction. Such systems require large interfacial areas to ensure high absorption efficiency, which in turn necessitates a fundamental understanding of the dynamic relationship between multiphase flow, mass transfer and chemical kinetics. Herein, we need special techniques to measure the liquid film dynamics and to observe and quantify the absorption and penetration of CO2 into the liquid film. Nonetheless, the diagnostic tool in such an extensive design cycle should be easy to operate, cheap and safe.

Within the scope of this thesis, we will develop a safe, LED based optical tool that is capable of extracting complex interface surfaces in real time. The project involves both hardware and software development. Accuracy of the developed measurement technique will be benchmarked against a conventional laser-based method (LCDM). Our aim is to replace pointwise, risky, expensive laser-based measurement techniques with a quick, safe and multi-point alternative. The work requires curious, creative individuals with good experimental skills.