Investigation of a flow around and over a cylinder by means of the liquid crystal technique


According to the current state of research, it is not yet possible to quantitatively determine wall shear stress distributions (magnitude and direction) with low measurement uncertainty. For this reason, the liquid crystal technique is being further developed at the Institute of Thermal Turbomachinery (ITS).

Thesis Focus: For the upcoming measurement campaign, flow data have to be acquired highly resolved in space. As part of your thesis, you will take part in all steps of the data acquisition, starting from the test rig setup all the way through to the actual data acquisition as well as processing and post-processing of the data. The scientific focus of your work will be the analysis of local wall shear stresses on the cylinder walls and the investigation of the prevailing flow phenomena. You will familiarize yourself with the measurement technology on the liquid crystal test rig, gain insights into aerodynamics as well as liquid crystal technology and compare the data analytically as well as with the literature.

Curious? Skills in Python language and sound basics in aerodynamics and optics are very welcome but not required. The thesis can be completed in German or English starting any time from now.