Cascade test rig


The heart of the cascade test bench is a turbine cascade consisting of 3 blades and around 2.5 passages. The test rig is used for film cooling tests in turbine passages. It is possible to heat the main mass flow (hot gas) and cool the cooling air so that measurements can be carried out under realistic density conditions. The cooling air mass flow can be distributed to different cooling air outlet modules via control valves. Optical accessibility is available for both infrared measurements and laser-optical investigations.


Hot air Cooling air
  • Maximal Mass-flow: 2,7 kg/s
  • Maximal Pressure ratio: 1,5
  • Maximal Temperature: 150 °C
  • Maximal Mass-flow: ca. 50 g/s
  • Temperature up to -40 °C

Measurement Method

  • Operating point hot gas and cooling air

  • Static pressure

  • Total pressure

  • Total temperature

  • Mass flow

  • Pressure transducer for measuring blade pressure distributions and pressure distributions on the side wall

  • Surface temperature measurement (infrared thermography)

  • Laser-optical measurement technology for flow field investigations