Thermal Turbomachines I

Goals and content

Learning Objectives:Students will be able to explain in detail the design and operation of thermal turbomachinery and evaluate the applications of these machines. They will be able to describe and analyze the tasks of the individual components and assemblies. The students have the ability to assess and evaluate the influence of physical, economic and ecological boundary conditions.
Course Content:
  • General fundamentals of thermal fluid machinery
  • Steam turbine system analysis
  • Gas turbine system analysis
  • Combined cycle power plants and cogeneration plants
  • Mode of operation of turbo machines: General overview
  • Working method of turbines: energy transfer in the stage
  • Types and design examples of turbines
  • Plane straight blade lattice
  • Spatial flow in the turbine and radial equilibrium
  • Compressor stages and outlook

Recommended in combination with the lecture 'Thermal Turbomachinery II'.

Workload:Attendance time: 31.50 h
Self-study: 64,40 h
  • Lecture notes
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