Thermische Turbomaschinen I (auf Englisch)

  • type: lecture
  • semester: WS 20/21
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  • time:

    14:00 - 16:45, wöchentlich

  • start: 03.11.2020
  • lecturer:

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jörg Bauer
    Dr. Jieun Song
    Dr. Valerio Giovannoni

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  • ects: 6
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    Vorlesung in englischer Sprache


    Ansprechpartnerin: Dr. Jieun Song

Learning goals and contents

Learning Goals: The students are able to explain and comment on the design and operation of thermal turbomachines in detail. Moreover, they can evaluate the range of applications for turbomachinery. Therefore, students are able to to describe and analyse not only the individual components but also entire assemblies. The students can asses and evaluate the effects of physical, economical and ecological boundary conditions.
Content of teaching:
  • Basic concepts of thermal turbomachinery
  • Steam Turbines - Thermodynamic process analysis
  • Gas Turbines - Thermodynamic process analysis
  • Combined cycle and cogeneration processes
  • Overview of turbomachinery theory and kinematics
  • Energy transfer process within a turbine stage
  • Types of turbines (presented through examples)
  • 1-D streamline analysis techniques
  • 3-D flow fields and radial momentum equilibrium in turbines
  • Compressor stage analysis and future trends in turbomachinery


Recommended in combination with the lecture 'Thermal Turbomachines II'.

Workload: regular attendance: 31,50 h
self-study: 64,40 h
  • Lecture notes
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  • Sigloch, H.: Strömungsmaschinen, Carl Hanser Verlag, 1993
  • Traupel, W.: Thermische Turbomaschinen Bd. I, II, Springer-Verlag, 1977, 1982