Practical course for computer-aided flow measurement technology

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Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to:

  • describe the basic principles of computer-aided data acquisition in theory and apply them in practice
  • put the material presented into practice after each learning section using an example on the PC
Course content:

The course provides an introduction to the acquisition of measured values for fluid mechanics applications combined with the implementation and application of modern computer-aided data acquisition methods. The combination of lectures on measurement techniques, sensors, signal converters, I/O systems, data acquisition and the creation of own measurement routines gives the participant a comprehensive insight and sound knowledge in this field. The LabView graphical programming environment from National Instruments is used in the course, as it is the worldwide standard for data acquisition software.

Design of measuring systems

  • Transducers and sensors
  • Analog/digital conversion
  • Program design and programming style in LabView
  • Data processing
  • Bus systems
  • Setting up a computer-aided measuring system for pressure, temperature and derived variables
  • Frequency analysis


Prerequisites: none
Workload: Attendance time: 52,5h
Self-study: 67,5h
Literature references:
  • Germer, H.; Wefers, N.: Meßelektronik, Vol. 1, 1985
  • LabView User Manual
  • Hoffmann, Jörg: Taschenbuch der Messtechnik, 6th, updated. Ed. , 2011